Environmental, Social & Governance

At Kimball Electronics, our commitment to ESG has been a part of who we are since our founding in 1961.  We are proud to be responsible guardians of both economic and environmental resources, and because of this, our employees, customers, share owners and communities truly benefit from the Company's presence, contributions and actions.

The Kimball Electronics Code of Conduct demonstrates the high value we place on ethical standards related to the treatment of our people, the belief in and provision of safe and healthy working conditions, the treatment of our environment, and our overall business ethics.


This year, you will see that we have taken the next step by integrating internationally recognized reporting standards into this report, part of our journey to be leaders in not only protecting but enhancing our world.

Don Charron, Chairman and CEO
2014-2023 (Feb.)
Our corporate sustainability strategy is part of our Guiding Principles’ commitment to being a leader in protecting and enhancing our world, because the environment is our home.

    Human Rights
    We are a people-centered company committed to the highest standards of conduct in our daily human interactions and business dealings. For us, human rights are more than just being compliant, they are about doing the right thing.


    From recruitment to separation, we do not discriminate based on age, race, skin color, social background, religion, ethnicity or national origin, gender, gender identity and expression, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, political affiliation, union membership, marital status, status as a protected veteran, caste, property, birth, or any legally protected classification.


    There is so much more that we can do to demonstrate our company purpose, Creating Quality for Life, for our stakeholders than just doing our jobs. This year, we donated even more treasure, time, and talent to help others—not only in the communities where we have operations, but also beyond where our buildings exist by helping worthy causes worldwide.
      Good governance at Kimball Electronics has four key foundations: An Effective Board, Fair Compensation, Share Owner Engagement, and Transparent Integrity.
      Many things and many people have changed since Kimball Electronics was founded in 1961, but our Guiding Principles remain a constant. They are not just a part of our heritage, but the fabric of who we are as a company.

      – Doug Hass, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer