Kimball Electronics Introduces Kimball Medical Solutions

Aug 20, 2021, 09:05 AM by Nicole Krempp
Kimball Electronics, Inc. (Nasdaq: KE) is excited to announce the introduction of Kimball Medical Solutions.


JASPER, Ind., Aug. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kimball Electronics, Inc. (Nasdaq: KE) is excited to announce the introduction of Kimball Medical Solutions. We are introducing Kimball Medical Solutions to provide our medical customers a full-service approach across all of our capabilities: electronics manufacturing, precision injection molded plastics, contract manufacturing, assembly and packaging services, sterilization and cold chain management, custom automation services and test systems, machine vision and artificial intelligence, and design engineering services.


“Our unified approach to providing innovative solutions and specialized services for the medical market from all of our areas of expertise and capabilities will enable our medical customers to increase their speed to market. We want Kimball Medical Solutions to be a single-source for our customers’ medical manufacturing needs,” stated Don Charron, Chairman and CEO of Kimball Electronics.


What is Kimball Medical Solutions?

Kimball Medical Solutions is the single-source partner for all medical manufacturing needs. We offer complete multifaceted manufacturing solutions for the medical market. Our approach to innovation is collaborative across all areas of capability within Kimball Electronics, enabling speed to market through the complete lifecycle by utilizing our expertise in electronics manufacturing, precision injection molding, contract manufacturing, full system assembly and packaging, automation, test and measurement.


We understand medical customers have stringent standards for their products, so our capabilities are uniquely tailored to meet the requirements and challenges of the medical market. Since 1999, Kimball Electronics has served the medical market, manufacturing millions of medical devices, drug delivery devices and solutions, medical electronics, and single-use devices. By leveraging our focused medical core competencies, decades of experience, customer-aligned global footprint, disciplined culture, industry 4.0 experience, commitment to lasting relationships, and our purpose of ‘Creating Quality for Life’, we provide full-service solutions where others can’t.


To learn more about how Kimball Medical Solutions can provide end-to-end partnership solutions for the medical market, please visit


About Kimball Electronics, Inc.

Kimball Electronics is a multifaceted manufacturing solutions provider of electronics and diversified contract manufacturing services to customers around the world. From our operations in the United States, China, India, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Thailand, and Vietnam, our teams are proud to provide manufacturing services for a variety of industries. Recognized for a reputation of excellence, we are committed to a high-performance culture that values personal and organizational commitment to quality, reliability, value, speed, and ethical behavior. Kimball Electronics, Inc. (Nasdaq: KE) is headquartered in Jasper, Indiana.

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